Black Friday 2012

11.19.2012 08:23

  We are counting down to the biggest shopping day of the year because Orange has just announced there will be an event that will go down in OrangeBidz history!


Details are being held in secret and have not been  revealed. However, we were assured it will be like nothing you have ever seen.


OrangeBidz Black Friday 2012

Introducing Orange's New Lock!

11.05.2012 05:26

In case you haven't heard...Orange has introduced a brand new lock that is designed to help make winning even easier! Some amazing deals are taking place!

Members are eligible to win 1 blue lock per auction day (resetting 12 hours from when the auction was won).

To celebrate, Orange is offering a special bid pack that allows you to get your bids back on any auction containing a blue lock! This Bid Pack will give you risk free access to all penny auctions held today through Thursday! Stay tuned for further details.


FrightFest 2012

10.29.2012 15:39

Orange's FrightFest 2012! - Open For A Limited Time

It's one of the spookiest times of the year and Orange has put together an event so marvelous, it is sure to be love at first fright!


Filled with thrills and chills, stay tuned for some of the highlights of this spooktacular event!


FrightFest 2012! 


Orange is closing the doors...

04.01.2012 11:00


April Fools!!

Orange is Closing Out Bids left over from March Madness

The Sale is Extended with brand new auctions and more amazing deals! -

Bids are still up to discounted and will be returned for free - Win or Lose!

No foolin . . just fun!

Did you see some of the amazing deals that took place yesterday? . .

$50 Amazon Gift Card - $.97

Pan American Silver Bar - $.04

$150 Walmart - $4.80

Amazon Kindle - $0.10

iPhone 4S - $12.16

Don’t Miss Out On These Deals!

April Fools Bananna Orange - logo 

St. Patricks Day at OrangeBidz!

03.17.2012 03:43


Feeling Lucky?

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and Orange has taken all the bid packs, dipped them in green food coloring and stuffed them with extra bids!

The only way to reveal how many bids have been added is to win! Even the Bid Free auctions have been transformed and filled with bonus bids!

What’s the best part about today? Orange has also created a special St. Patrick’s Day Bid Pack that is available today only!

Good Luck and have Fun!

St patricks Day logo 

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