What A Weekend...

11.28.2011 02:52

 Tales From An Orange

What a weekend! Filled with excitement and incredible deals, no bid got left behind! Congratulations to all our winners who participated in our risk free event. For those who did win an auction, guess what? Your bids are back and ready to attack!

It has come to our attention that Orange packed his bags and headed to the pac headquarters where he will be offering 25 bids for only $6! What a busy little Orange! That must be too good to be true?.. I guess you’ll have to stop by and see for yourself!

So get excited because a whole new line up with your favorite items is up and ready to go! Did we mention we have extended our auction hours for an entire hour? That’s one small step for Orange, one giant leap for the awesomeness that Orange brings to!  So stop by and support your favorite Orange!

See you there!

Black Friday on

11.21.2011 02:35

 Black Friday on OrangeBidz


This Friday through Cyber Monday, Orange will be offering deals unheard of!

From twice the amount of auctions to savings never before seen in OrangeBidz history, so skip the drive, the long lines and the frustration of crowds at your local retailer.

Black Friday Price list

30 $22.50 - ****
50 $37.50 - ****
100 $75.00 - ****
200 $150.00  + ** Bonus ****
300 $225.00 + ** Bonus  ****
500 $375.00 + ** Bonus ****

Stay tuned!

OrangeBidz wishes all of our members and their families a very Happy Thanksgiving.




Cyber Monday is here and deals will be going fast! As most of you know all bid packs are 45% off. This ends today! This is the cheapest bids have ever been, and the last chance you have to take advantage of this limited time offer. After today we will be extending our auction hours on a regular basis and offering a buy now option that many have been asking for!

p.s. Did we mention that today is the last day to bid RISK FREE? It has been fun, but all good INCREDIBLE things must come to an end! Today is the last day you have to get all bids back placed on auctions you do not win! With 45% off and bids back, it is a win win!


Cyber Monday on! 

Orange's FrightFest 2011!

10.29.2011 05:05


Who is ready for a scary good time?


This Weekend Ghosts, Goblins, Ghouls, and Risk Free Bidding?



Yes! Any auction you do not win this Saturday and Sunday October 29 and 30, will be risk free because we are giving ALL bids back!


If you think that gave you the chills, wait till you hear what else Orange has in store!


When you purchase 2 of any size bid pack, you get the 3rd one absolutely free!


Say you purchase (2) 50 packs, you would get a total of 150 bids for only $75!


All Bid Packs Qualify!


Our line up is filled with products sure to send a shiver down your spine! From Orange’s bone chilling Mystery Auction, to the Limited Edition Xbox 360 Gears of War Bundle, missing out may haunt you forever!


*Any bids placed on auctions you did not win this weekend will be returned Sunday October 30, at 11:59pm PDT. **Identical bid packs must be purchased to receive the third for free.



Get Ready for Some Fun!

10.12.2011 15:35


Wednesday’s Windfall!


With so many great items up for auction today, Orange could not resist throwing in a little something extra to perk up your Wednesday!



Purchase any size bid pack and receive a promo code good for 50 bids that can be used on today’s auctions! *


*50 promo bids MUST be used by the end of this evenings auctions. Bids will expire thereafter. Limit one promo code per user.


Okay now lets have some fun!!!

Orange is Turning Six Months!

09.09.2011 22:56


Get ready because we are pulling out all the stops today!


This is one party you will NOT want to miss!


From the Apple iPad to Orange’s legendary Mystery Auction, we will have something you’ll be sure to love!


Orange can barely contain himself so here it goes:


First off - every 100 Bid Pack will be doubled, that’s right, DOUBLED!* These extra 100 bids will be good for all of today’s penny auctions; which are jam packed with lots of good stuff! But wait! Take not $5, but $10 off the price, then log in to get an additional 25 just for dropping by!*


Now that’s what I call a party!


Mr. Orange cannot thank you all enough for everything you have done to bring us to this point. We hope you will join us for today’s celebration, and will continue to join us over the next six months.


* Upon purchase of your 100 bid pack, the first 100 bids placed on today’s auctions will count towards the bids that must be used. If a second bid pack is purchased, 200 bids would need to be placed on today’s auctions, and so on.


·       25 login bids must be used today, and will expire at the end of auctions.


Do not miss out on this remarkable event!

Be sure to keep an eye out for new and exciting promotions that will be sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!






This is Crazy!

08.19.2011 06:00

Take Your Shot With 100 Bids!

Today Orange is offering an incredible offer known as the “Second Chance Bid Pack” What is this you ask? Purchase this deal and if you do not win an auction, Orange will refund all 100 bids back into your account! A deal like is something you will not want to miss out on! How many penny auctions give you the chance to do this? This is limited to one Second Chance Bid Pack per user, and must be purchased by 8-19 1159pm PDT Get yours before they are gone!


Second Chance Bid pack! 

Orange Has A Big Announcement...

08.13.2011 23:59

Double Your Bids This Today!!

Every 100 Bid Pack purchased today, August 14 will be doubled and you will receive 100 "Extra" bids that can be used for any auction this evening.

Extra Bids will EXPIRE at Midnight, so make sure to use them up!

That's right, 200 bids for the price of 100 with a special opportunity to use those 100 Extra bids!

This opportunity will include a NEVER BEFORE SEEN on OrangeBidz LAPTOP COMPUTER - Samsung's all-new Chromebook, along with Apple's iPod Nano, Orange's famous Mystery Auction and much more!

There is no limit to how many of these special bid packs you can purchase, but the EXTRA BIDS MUST BE USED TODAY 8/14.  For example: if you purchase two 100 bid packs, that will give you 200 extra bids for all auctions offered today!


Small Print:  The first 100 bids placed on auctions today will count towards the 100 that must be used on this day.  If a second bid pack is purchased, two hundred bids would need to be placed on Sunday, and so on.


Don't miss out on this one!



New Buy-it-Now Feature!

04.27.2011 22:14


Orange is introducing a new feature on our Buy it Now auctions to make our penny auctions even more exciting!!.
Many of you have been requesting more Buy It Now auctions and Mr. Orange would like to do one better -- give our members the opportunity to buy the item AND HAVE ALL YOUR BIDS RETURNED.

Members will soon have the option to Buy it Now on many of the great items up for auction daily on our site.

With the new Buy it Now feature on our live auctions, you may purchase the item you placed bids on (but did not win) and use those bids toward the stated purchase price, and for the first time, ALSO get your bids back.

This should be fun and may become a regular feature if Mr. Orange is feeling generous.  

Welcome from!

03.11.2011 21:55


All of us at Orangebidz would like to thank you for joining us for our grand opening! We are so excited to finally be here and hope to become your #1 penny auction! We would like to take this opportunity to tell you we are offering and whats to come in the future. As you all know starting TBA we are giving away a brand new 8gb iPod nano, so don't forget to register and be automatically entered!


Every new member will automatically receive 2 FREE bids. A little something to start you off. Some of you may or may not have met Orange, you can find him on Facebook and from what we hear, he loves holding fun contests and give away bids!


We have so many exciting products lined up we do not know where to start! We encourage you to take a look at our 'Upcoming Auctions' and see whats in store. If we missed something you've had your eye on, we would love for you let us know.


We value your feedback and make no mistake, this is a 'users' penny auction site. We're starting here, but hope to grow into something special based of users requests and suggestions. If you are not enjoying your Orangebidz experience, then we are not doing our job. You'll see you are only bidding against real people like yourself, and we encourage you to share your experiences and interact with fellow Orangebidderz on Facebook. Remember the more users we have, the more new and exciting auctions we will be able to offer you!






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