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  Fair Auction Guarantee


Real Players, Real Winners – Guaranteed follows strict standards to guarantee a fair and honest bidding experience to all of our customers.  This means a fair chance to win a deal on brand new merchandise.  Winning bids will always be determined according to the rules.  The process of bidding and determining winners will be automated, precise, and fair.


         We guarantee all OrangeBidz merchandise is new and 100% authentic and will be shipped and fulfilled in accordance with our policy.


         We guarantee OrangeBidz employees, officer, directors, and immediate family will not be bidding on our site. They are expressly forbidden from bidding on any auctions and are contractually bound to follow this policy.


         We guarantee use of the OrangeBidz website is safe and secure.


         We guarantee timely, friendly, and professional customer service to answer your questions or resolve an issue.  We promise to respond to all customer service emails within one business day.


         We guarantee we do not use “bot” bidding software (automated programs meant to imitate a real bidder) to drive up prices or impersonate a user.


         We guarantee you will know exactly what you are bidding on and/or buying.  Prices, shipping charges, and applicable tax on what you are buying will always be displayed for sale items.  With our auctions, you will know all the charges before the item ships.



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Bids Price/bid Price
30 bids $ 0.75 $ 22.50
50 bids $ 0.75 $ 37.50
115 bids $ 0.61 $ 70.00
200 bids $ 0.75 $ 150.00
300 bids $ 0.75 $ 225.00
500 bids $ 0.75 $ 375.00

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Bids Price/bid Price  
30 Bids $ 0.75 $ 22.50
50 Bids $ 0.75 $ 37.50
115 Bids $ 0.61 $ 70.00
200 Bids $ 0.75 $ 150.00
300 Bids $ 0.75 $ 225.00
500 Bids $ 0.75 $ 375.00